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Racing Waxremover - 500ml

Racing Waxremover - 500ml
  • Gentle cleaning liquid for all types of base. Removes wax residue especially of Top Finish products and prepares the base for waxing
  • 500ml
  • Before waxing, after repairing the base and after filing, the base
    needs to be cleaned. Dirt, metal or klister residues that have been
    pressed into the base must be removed.
  • Cleaning:

1.Waxremover and Racing Wax Remover in a bottle:
Drip Wax Remover onto Base Tex and thoroughly
clean the base

2. Rub off with Base Tex. Leave the wax remover on for
a short period of time and then rub it off thoroughly with
the cleaning cloth

3. After using the Wax Remover, leave the base to dry for
about 10 minutes. It is then ready to be waxed

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