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Portable Table For Waxing Skis

Portable Table For Waxing Skis

Table is intended for waxing, grinding, editing ski jumping skis. It provides support for all skis and is also adjustable for different ski widths. It also has adjustable width and the height of the table is uniform.

The table is very light and stabile. For a better stability you need to fix the table on a solid base. It is made of lightweight stainless steel, so it is easy to transfer/transport and it is difficult to break or damage it.

Portable table is folded and packed in a handy bag; it really takes up very little space. Sizes of folding table in the bag are only; height: 17cm, width: 24cm, length: 90cm.

200,00 € 200,00 €

VAT excl.

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Product ID: WAX040

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