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Uvex Athletic FM

Uvex Athletic FM

Uvex athletic FM doesn't just play to an elite athlete's strengths. Its eye-catching, angular design, wide field of view and full mirror lens with supravision® coating against fogging performs both on, and off, the slope. Thanks to OTG technology it also fits over prescription eyewear.

  • Protection and comfort

      100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection.

      Extended kit: single foam with velour, climate membrane, rubber strap with silicone, OTG (over the glasses)

  • Lens

      Supravision®, double lens cylindric

Frame color  Lens
Black Mat Mirror Silver Blue (S3)
White Mat Mirror Silver Rose (S4)
Dark Violet Mat Mirror Silver Lasergold Lite (S3)
Anthracite Mat Mirror Green Lasergold Lite (S3)
Cobalt Met Mat Mirror Blue Blue (S3)

This product is no more available.

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